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Why hire Cinemetrix Media to produce your video project?

100+ Productions

Keeping our clients happy is our number one priority. Cinemetrix media is proud to have built a diverse community of on going clientele and continues to grow with new and exciting ventures.

Creative Team

Thanks to our experienced producers, directors, cameraman and editors our team is always ready to create your next awe-inspiring project.

Professional equipment

We offer a variety of professional movie and sound equipment to cover all types of projects no matter what size or budget. We also have 4K Cameras.

No Matter The Budget

Small budget? no problem! Cinemetrix Media can accommodate all size projects no matter how big or small.



Cinemetrix is a Video Production Company that provides turnkey video production services. This can include any combination of cameras, lighting, sound operators, producers and directors to work directly with you on all of your corporate video production projects.


From a single camera shoot to a multiple camera production, we are the Video Production Company that will take care of all the details and capture every moment in high definition. Events and Live performances can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.


We mix talent, technology and client-focused services in order to deliver the highest post production standards across a broad range of projects. With over 25+ years of experience we can provide immeasurable feedback and advisory services on how to capture, edit and produce the perfect shot for your next event or project.


Cinemetrix is now ready to take your production to new heights. With the use of our advanced Aerial Drone Videography and Photography system and Transport Canada licensed operators (Special Flight Operations Certified pilots). There is no better time to create an impression of epic proportions for your landscape, outdoor projects, exteriors and/or interiors. Contact Cinemetrix Media to learn more.


Looking to promote your corporate image, sell or promote a product/service? With an eye for detail we will present your business in the right light. We will produce images to sell your product, promote your business & brand, show off your achievements, document an event, capture stunning headshots, demonstrate your services and create a professional identity.


Professional Greenscreen/Chromakey production in HD and 4K! Whether you need a full studio multi cam Cyclorama or a simple backdrop for an address to camera, we can bring our portable Green screen to your location for Corporate, Medical, Legal videos and more. Call us today for more information.


Specializing in making videos for web, marketing/advertising, documentaries, user-interface, education and more. We can work with existing assets and bring them to life or just start from scratch.


According to Forbes, 87% of online video will be viewed on tablets by 2018 – they predict that video is “poised to become the single most powerful tool companies have to communicate with customers and demonstrate true ROI” - At Cinemetrix, we understand the power and value of online video marketing for your website.


One of the most exciting aspects of video production work is putting together our gear list. However, keep in mind, there is no "one size fits all" equipment package since there are so many variables (budget, type of project, locations, pro vs amateur, etc).

Let us put your brand in motion!


"Price is what you pay .. Value is what you get." - That's The Cinemetrix Promise


Here’s a look at some of our clients, past and present.

BravoCanada logo
maintech logo
Toronto Maple Leafs
Fieldgate Homes
Long And McQuade
The Woman's Market
Toronto District School Board
Dairy Queen
Castrol Oil
Canadian Tire
Canadian Gov't
Bell Media
Juno Awards
Magna International
Pizza Hut
Sick Kids
TD Bank
CBC Radio
Edward Jones