Breaking Sign Language Barriers

Breaking Sign Language Barriers

June 6, 2016 - 9:30 am


Breaking Sign Language Barriers: A new innovation that will change the way of communication for an overlooked – yet substantial community in our society.

US students, Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi, are the two young inventors behind this new project they call “SignAloud”, a glove that can be used by deaf individuals to track hand motions and translate american sign language into spoken english. The idea is simply brilliant. Researching more about the SignAloud glove as well as its functions really provokes the realization that technology is advancing rapidly before our eyes. New innovations are changing the way people live their lives and are opening up doors for those with disabilities. Being a part of the creative industry, we can understand how important and valuable self expression is, something that has (up until now) not been easily achievable by those who depend on sign language to communicate.

The glove was originally created with the intent of helping the deaf and hard of hearing, but creative minds suggest that these gloves have a place in many different environments such as stroke rehabilitation or even in virtual reality gaming, a booming industry. This to us is really exciting because we can only wonder where the tech industry will take this new concept of movement translators, not only for Bio tech but for the entertainment business.

The idea of incorporating this technology into virtual reality is interesting because virtual reality itself is still being explored and undoubtedly still has a long way to go, but can you imagine a virtual reality movie viewing experience? Not in the cheesy 4D movie ride sense but more immersive and interactive. We can only wait and see what the future holds for the ever advancing world of technology. As for the SignAloud glove, we applaud for the many lives that it will change, and the heroes behind it all. Great going guys!

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