Corporate Profile Videos – Latest CMS

Corporate Profile Videos – Latest CMS

October 20, 2016 - 2:17 pm

Cinemetrix Media’s latest corporate profile video

Corporate Profile Videos for your Website at a cost you can’t afford to miss.

corporate-videos-droneCMS is proud to have been an integral part of producing our latest corporate profile video for Vision Investment Group. Special thanks to Greg Durocher – president and CEO of the Cambridge Cha
mbers of Commerce
 for his professional help and warm generosity!
CMS would also li
e to thank John Bruchal and Del Cherry from Cherry Media for their 
eye-pleasing drone expertise and continued friendship!
Corporate Profile Video - VIG5
Corporate Profile Video - VIG2Corporate videos have become especially important nowadays, thanks to the easy distribution by sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram etc. These platforms allow companies to reach
their target audience, by using social media networks to distribute their content online.
Shot, Directed and Edited by: Steve Dazzi
Produed by: Tom Di Risio and Steve Dazzi CMS
Production/camera assistant Roberto Spadafora
Aerial Crew: John Bruchal and Del Cherry
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