Death of the consumer video camera

Death of the consumer video camera

September 29, 2016 - 9:00 am

Smartphones are responsible for the death of consumer video cameras 

With the technology and innovation that exists nowadays, many traditional products are being replaced by a more technological offering. Old and outdated technologies are also being consistently replaced by new and better ones. Innovations in smartphones are hugely responsible for most of these changes. Of all the products and technologies that smartphones have replaced, traditional video camera is perhaps the most noticeable one.


Consumer video camera market is dead

When it comes to smartphones replacing video cameras, the odds are surely in favor of mobile phones. It is hard to find anyone who prefers traditional video cameras instead of their smartphone cameras. Smartphones no longer just pose a huge threat to consumer camera market; they are responsible for the current condition of the market. Basically, the market for consumer video camera is just about dead.





video on smartphones

Smartphones have completely overtaken cameras

Everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and even the most basic of the modern phones have decent camera quality. With that, they can take pictures and shoot videos anytime and anywhere without the need of carrying additional device wherever they go. As such, it is quite understandable why modern smartphones have completely overtaken the video cameras.

Accessibility is the key

Probably the most significant area where smartphone simply kills off consumer cameras is accessibility. Modern day phones offer the kind of accessibility that is completely absent with video cameras. Smartphones offer integration with social media, email and practically everything else. With them, it is too easy to upload photos and videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This makes them much faster than dedicated camcorders.

Generally, if you shoot a video with your video camera, you will have to get home and connect it to your PC to upload your video. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you simply shoot the video with your smartphone and instantly share it on social media platforms with your friends and family?

video editing suite

Editing (basic)

If you take a picture with your smartphone, you can apply basic edits instantly using the necessary applications. Of course, if you take the picture with your camera, you have to connect it to your PC and then edit. Having said that, for complex edits, sometimes PC is preferable anyway.



video camerasCamera manufactures need to understand the situation 

The camera manufacturers have to accept the reality that smartphones are prevalent nowadays. Sooner they do so, sooner they can focus on regaining the market. They can’t attempt to regain the credibility among photo and video enthusiasts if they don’t acknowledge the current situation





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