PSA Video – He was texting & driving when…

PSA Video – He was texting & driving when…

September 12, 2016 - 9:49 am

He was texting & driving when…

It’s a typical afternoon

You’re driving home from work like you always do. Your phone buzzes next to you like it always does. It’s just another text message. You may have been lucky so far, and shooting off texts while behind the wheel seems second nature to you now…but that doesn’t mean you’ll always be so lucky. Your friends, family, colleagues, they can wait for your reply. Road safety can’t, because your own safety isn’t the only one at stake when you’re texting and driving. Don’t make that message your last words.

We understand

Our smartphones have become a necessary part of daily life that keeps us organized and connected to the world. The Cinemetrix Team knows better than anyone that our phones and devices are essential for keeping us on schedule and communicating with our clients. We know that arriving to our destination for meetings or shoots on time is very important, but we also know that those priorities are only secondary to arriving alive. As tempting as it may be to quickly glance down and read some texts or emails, the consequences that could happen for you and others around you are just not worth it. Life is busy and hectic, we get it,  but let your time on the road be a distraction free one. Just simply enjoy yourself, turn up the tunes and relax. Take a break from those notifications, they aren’t going anywhere.

Texting and driving is quickly becoming a national epidemic, and a dangerous killer. Even looking away from the road increases your chances of an automobile accident by 23 times. It is responsible for 25% of all car related accidents, adding up to a staggering 1,600,000 accidents per year. Road Safety is just no joke, and it’s up to nobody but ourselves to help keep the roads safe.

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