Green Screen Services

On Location Green Screen

Quick, Easy and Professional.

Our portable green screen allows us to quickly set it up practically in any location. So the next time you need to record an interview, address to camera or music video but don’t need a big green screen studio let us come to you. We can later substitute the background with any video or virtual set bringing your production to life.

For larger size productions green screen studios are also available.

Green Screen Portable

Cinemetrix Media is equipped with a team of highly experienced green screen techs with leading knowledge in Chroma Keying.

Some of the key people you might need when dealing with professional green screen setups and shoots are: Directors, Producers, Camera Ops, Make-up, Sound Technicians, Gaffers, Boom Ops, Grips, runners, etc. Talk to one of our producers to discuss what you might need for your green screen shoot.

Questions about Green Screen Services?